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Cameron Patterson
Cameron PattersonB.Com (UQ), Chartered Accountant | Director
My passion is to help people get the kind of advice they really want and need from an accountant.  People need advice that helps them to grow their business, helps them sleep better at night and gives them and their families an exciting and more financially secure future.  To me, the role of a true professional is to guide each client, that is, to say “this is where we are, and here is what we need to do next to get you where you want to be”.
Bob Franks
Bob FranksB.Bus (BCAE), Chartered Accountant | Client Manager
My passion is helping clients. Sometimes issues can be settled in one phone call and its great just to talk with you to make sure things are on track. Other times issues can take time and involve delving into dark corners of the tax legislation, but either way I get a buz when I can get the best result for you.
Nicola Hele
Nicola HeleB.Bus (QUT), Chartered Accountant | Client Manager
My passion is to work with clients who love what they do and to assist them in their dealings with the Australian Taxation Office. My aim is to help people reduce the stress and pressure of business so they can spend more time with family and watching children grow up.
Jenna Lawes
Jenna LawesB.Bus (USQ), Chartered Accountant | Client Manager
My passion is to effectively communicate with my clients and actively seek practical solutions to solve complex business transactions.  My primary aim is to provide my clientele with ongoing technical and emotional support that will ease the pressure of financially managing their business, so that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Ying Chin
Ying ChinB.Bus (QUT), Client Manager
My passion is to support and assist people to grow. Hence, my aim is to give the appropriate advice to clients in order to minimise their pressure to deal with relevant authorities or to achieve their business goals. It is my pleasure to work together with clients to make a difference in their life, either professionally or personally.
Kelsey Strang
Kelsey StrangCurrently completing B.Bus (QUT), Accountant
My passion is to provide a quality assurance and a warm interaction to our clients to take one less worry off their mind. My curiosity and passion towards my job enables me to produce the best possible outcome for our clients. In my spare time I like to travel and experience new cultures.