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Simone Francis
Simone FrancisB.Bus (QUT) | Accountant
My colleagues at Cameron Patterson & Co have made my transition from university student to full time accountant a really enjoyable experience. As a new graduate, everyone is very understanding and happy to assist me with developing my skills and knowledge. I also have a great work life balance, thanks to flexibility with study and personal commitments.
Monique Longhorn
Monique LonghornB.Bus (QUT) | Accountant
Being a member of the Cameron Patterson & Co team means belonging to a firm that recognises the need for work-life balance, supports and guides your educational choices and highly values individuality. The team consists of varying experience levels, however, the same adage is instilled upon everyone from their first day, being “you have never actually arrived.” This drive to continually expand upon our knowledge and further develop our potential is inherent in the procedures we follow, our client interactions and the very culture of the firm. We are a team that enjoy a good laugh, help each other and most importantly share a common satisfaction in exceeding client expectations.
Nadia Clark
Nadia ClarkClient Services Assisstant
I love being a part of a team that takes pride in everything that they do. Since joining Cameron Patterson & Co. in 2009, I have received support and guidance from my fellow team members which has helped me to grow and take on more responsibility in my position. The firm encourages members to take an active role in their own learning and development and to continue building on their knowledge every day. Coming to work isn’t a chore but opportunity to grow, learn and most importantly assist clients in reaching their goals through our extensive knowledge and expertise.
Florence Sami
Florence SamiReceptionist / Client Services Assisstant
Since joining Cameron Patterson & Co in late October 2012, I’ve been able to enjoy working with great group of hardworking people. The support I have received from my colleagues have made my daily tasks enjoyable and has also given me more experience and knowledge. Every working day is a new adventure with my colleagues, and at the end of the day, I am proud of who I am, where I come from and who I represent.
Bob Franks
Bob FranksB.Bus (BCAE), Chartered Accountant | Client Manager
After 17 years in the same firm I joined Cameron Patterson & Co looking for new challenges.  It’s amazing how a new dynamic can push your limits of learning and teaching.  The resources that are available to develop a greater knowledge base, specialise in selected areas and stay on top of new developments makes this a great place to work.