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Career Tip – be a Meeting Stowaway!

Here is one way to fast-track your experience.

The term “Stowaway” traditionally means “a person who secretly boards a vehicle, such as an aircraft, bus, ship or train, to travel without paying and without being detected.”

When we refer to a  “Meeting Stowaway” we mean someone who sits in on a meeting to just observe and take notes.


Try this for an idea, maybe once a week or two….

  1. Monitor calendars for senior people in the office, eg your supervisor, and see if
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Not 100% ready to retire? ‘Try before you buy’ with a TTR strategy

Under the superannuation rules, there is scope to access some of your retirement savings in your super fund under an arrangement called “transition to retirement” (TTR). Under this arrangement, a super fund member can ease into retirement by reducing their working hours without reducing their income.

If you are aged between your relevant “preservation age” (see below) but are still younger than age 65, you are generally permitted to withdraw some of

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Change to Commonwealth Seniors Health Card eligibility


Current and prospective holders of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card should be aware of changes made to the eligibility requirements of this entitlement. The income test that applies to this entitlement is being expanded to include tax-free superannuation income streams and lump sums (superannuation benefits) of you and your partner.

The measure will not affect current card holders who have a tax-free superannuation benefits introduced before January 1, 2015. However, where a person

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Tax and marriage: Tips on nuptial know-how


Every couple’s “big day” will of course be marked more by flying champagne corks and numerous speeches of questionable quality, instead of the tax implications that go along with swapping rings.

Having a general understanding of what it means to be a “spouse” under tax law can change the approach taken to certain financial arrangements, clarify potential pitfalls and allow clearer planning.

Meaning of “spouse” under tax law

Broadly speaking, the tax law defines a “spouse” as:

  • another individual,
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Changes to Paid Parental Leave, Family Tax Benefit and other entitlements
















The recent passage of the Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill has given rise to changes across a range of entitlements. Due to the delayed passage of the bill however, several amendments will take effect from a later date than initially proposed. We run through the various changes below and what they mean for you. Paid Parental Leave The Paid Parental Leave has generated much debate in the business community. This is perhaps why

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Spending too much time at work and not enough time on lifestyle? Why not add a few of these changes into your daily routine?




Lifestyle research led by Professor James Levine from the Mayo Clinic in the US shows that the tiny movements we make constantly – from fidgeting to toe tapping – can really add up to big energy burners. The researchers call these little activities ‘NEAT’, which stands for ‘Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis’.

Here are some tips on how to get moving more and harness the power of these little burners.

At home

  • Don’t wait for the recycling to pile up. Get those legs
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