What is a “different” accountant, anyway?

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What is a “different” accountant, anyway?

People sometimes say I’m not like other accountants. I’m not really sure what most accountants are like because, apart from my work colleagues, I don’t spend much of my time with accountants. I would rather spend my time with really clever people from a wide range of disciplines to see what I could learn from them and then tweak to use in my work. I want to spend time with clever business people, clever lawyers, clever scientists, clever thinkers and clever doers.

What is a “different” accountant, anyway?

Whenever I hear someone say how “different” they are I can’t help but think of that Monty Python scene where the crowd shouts “Yes! We’re all individuals!”.

I didn’t set out to be a “different” accountant – I just had a clear idea of what I thought people in business needed from an adviser. People need an accounting adviser who understands accounting and tax and trusts and banks and super and business….but most of all, people need an adviser who understands them….who understands what they really need but maybe aren’t even sure how to ask for….an adviser who protects them from dangers that aren’t even visible yet…an adviser who has the energy to make sure we even have the right question before looking for an answer.

Come to think of it, on more than one occasion a client has come to us with a matter that their previous accountant(s) has/have been unable to progress. Fourteen financial years in one hit is the record so far. Our approach seems to be able to get things back on track again when not everyone can. Maybe this comes from me growing up in the bush, where one had to learn to be resourceful and improvise solutions.

For me, when I’m finished, I want to be able to look back and say “I worked with clever people, I did great work and I had fun”.

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