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Companies and corporate matters in Australia are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

We liaise with ASIC on behalf of our clients who are company directors and secretaries.

Our clients rely on our specialised knowledge to help them navigate the jungle of jargon, forms and deadlines around tasks such as:

  • Setting up a new company,
  • Appointing or resigning directors or other officers of a company,
  • Issuing new shares,
  • Transferring shares,
  • Maintaining a corporate register,
  • Changing addresses for registered office, principal place of business, director or other company officer, or shareholder.
  • Changing a company’s name, and
  • Deregistration of a dormant company that is no longer required.
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ASIC is very strict in imposing fees and penalties for late lodgement, so let’s talk about your plans for your company sooner rather than later!

As a director, you must:

  • be honest and careful in your dealings at all times
  • know what your company is doing
  • take extra care if your company is operating a business because you may be handling other people’s money
  • make sure that your company can pay its debts on time
  • see that your company keeps proper financial records
  • act in the company’s best interests, even if this may not be in your own interests, and
  • use any information you get through your position properly and in the best interests of the company. Using that information to gain, directly or indirectly, an advantage for yourself or for any other person, or to harm the company may be a crime or may expose you to other claims.  This information need not be confidential; if you use it the wrong way and dishonestly, it may still be a crime.

We can help you do what you need to to as a company director.

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