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Businesses come in all shapes and sizes.

Some businesses are large enough to employ a person or even a whole finance team to take care of day to day finance department tasks.

For other businesses the finance department functions are left to the business owner to do, either during the work day instead of  growing the business or after everyone else has gone home.

If your business is not yet large enough to have it’s own dedicated finance and payroll departments, we should talk.


For a fraction of the cost of you employing an appropriately qualified and skilled finance person….and accommodating and equipping them, we can help you get back to working on your business.

We can free you up by helping out with things like:

  • Maintaining general ledger and reconciling transactions in a computerised accounting system,
  • Processing payroll, including superannuation,
  • Preparing and lodging activity statements, ie BASs and IASs,
  • Managing accounts receivable (even following up slow payers for you),
  • Processing payments to your suppliers, and
  • Liaising with an independent auditor, if required.

After all, if you are the driving force of your business, you need to be out there making the rain and building your business so it can work for you even when you aren’t there.  Leave the back office finance and payroll jobs to us.

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You should be doing the things that will make your business great!

Let us free you up to do that.
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