Accounting is a brilliant profession. Or rather, it can be.

Working in a one-dimensional accounting firm that is solely focused on tax and compliance can be dull, boring, unfulfilling.

Our team is breaking the mould.  We’re building a firm where both the advisory team and the support team feels a much deeper sense of satisfaction in our work, because our focus is on helping people across the breadth of their business, not just the one-dimensional tax and accounting areas.  This is much more satisfying.  Much more fulfilling.

Why? Because we can see the difference we are making in our clients’ lives.

And at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

To be part of our team you need to be prepared to invest in yourself.

We believe in  caring for the client beyond the scope of a particular project.  It is remaining aware of the client’s affairs throughout the year or between projects.  It is being aware enough of the client’s affairs to be able to predict or see when a client maybe sailing too close to the wind, or where the client may, in a business sense, hurt themselves if not made aware of certain issues.

It is about taking an active interest in each client’s affairs.

Every one of our team members really cares about getting it right for clients. We really care that clients are always informed and never get any unpleasant surprises. Each of us is focused on making sure we understand what each client needs and we pride ourselves on being responsive, whether that’s sending important information or documents to clients, or replying to emails or calls, or researching an answer for a client.

We accept that the client is the sole judge of the value we deliver to them. Our team members understand they are working for a client and a family group, and not just working on ‘a file’ or ‘set of accounts’. It really just comes down to the human element and realising that we are in the people game, not the ‘number crunching’ game!



We believe that we have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients and our colleagues.

We can do this using our tax and accounting skills, and also by pushing ourselves to constantly look beyond the ways these skills are usually used and think laterally to find new ways of helping our clients.

As part of this we need to make some simple choices.  These simple choices will have a profound impact on our career and life satisfaction.

We choose to work harder and smarter than those who would be satisfied with mediocrity.

Sometimes we will look at what we have achieved and be bursting with pride.

Occasionally we will be frustrated beyond the point of giving up….but for people like us giving up is not the answer.

We choose to explore the full extent of our own potential and how we can help our colleagues, our clients and our community by being the best we can be.

Not everybody chooses these things, but we do.

Our work is not always easy or immediately rewarding.  We choose to accept this.

Indeed it is because of the way our work is that it is left to people like us to do it.

As part of a true team we have responsibilities not only to support and help our colleagues, but also to push each other to be better.

Sometimes such a “push” is scary or uncomfortable or unpleasant, but we choose to accept that….and soak it up…..and redouble our efforts to be all we can be.  We owe this to our clients, our colleagues and ourselves.

Real friends don’t let real friends short-change themselves by taking the easy way out.

The great work we can do has the power to help people, help families, put kids through school, save relationships, save businesses and in many ways…save lives.

Not everybody chooses these things, but we do.

Choose to show your clients and your colleagues what great work you can do.